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The Dark RoomTawana Wilson, Anelehs President,

As I stood at the opening of the dark room, I knew I had to walk in it eventually. The essence of the blackness that filled the space was very intimidating, but it was a room I wouldn't be able to avoid. 

Automatically my arms extended and my hands became a safety net for what was in front of me.  Quietly I was walking a straight line towards my destination.  All of a sudden I bumped into a curved object while trying hard to follow the straight line.  It didn't pan out because the curved object wouldn't be ignored. So I tried to walk around and over it.  In doing so I realized the straight line was becoming more curved.

Finally I made it to my destination in that dark space. While sitting on my bed I pondered those few seconds of darkness and realized that I wouldn't have achieved my journey in that dark room without the curved lines.  So I decided that the next time I would just turn on the light and realize that life is not a straight line, but it was one with a lot of curves.





ANELEHS Atelier’s President


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