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Is it just me? or am I the only one that is tired of frumpy clothing for plus size and curvy women. People are always saying the shirt needs to cover your butt and be baggy, flows or lose and my question is why?  If everything needs to be lose or oversize why do I need to wear spanxs to suck everything in. I want to wear comfortable clothes that fit my curves that I feel good in. That is why I started my own clothing line. All my life I felt like the lose baggy clothing was hiding me and not just my body but my personality but now I'm done hiding. Its time to be free and look like a queen ladies. Let the plus size revolution begin. Don't get me wrong I love whimsy flowing fabrics but I expect it to fit me like the perfect double D bra or the perfect set of angel wings given to me by god as was my body.

Shopping used to be a nightmare for me, my top was a medium to large and my hips were between a 1x and a 2x. In my whole life I was only able to buy 1 dress that actually fit my shape and size (FYI I'm 28 years old). I now see the need for separates ladies. I have been working on our Spring2016 cruise collection and I have been taking this into account. Any Suggestion ladies on what you what to wear, any problems your having with your wardrobe. Let me know I have a pear shape but if you are not talk comment bellow on your Curvy Girl Issues #curvygirlissues #anelehs.Follow, Comment and Subscribe 



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