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Written By Antoinette Copland 

Hey Beautiful ladies!!!  I know Quarantine has been tough for you  but, there is a silver lining, now is the time to not only reflect on yourself but also to level up to the life you really want. Leveling up is a two part process. First we level up on the inside and part of this is building up your confidence through self care, self love, figuring out who you are, what you like and what you want out of life. Then take the steps to show up as the person you want to be. The second step is where Anelehs Atelier is here to help.


 The second step to your level up journey is to level up your outside appearance. By elevating your outside appearance, you let the world know your standards for how you are to be treated. Also this helps to build your confidence because let's face it ladies when we look good we feel good. Now is not he time to fall in the fast fashion, Rainbow, Fashion Nova, PLT trap of expensive trendy clothing with no staying power. Our wealth should not be waisted on clothing we cant even keep for one year after washing it. High value ladies develop their personal style which can be maintained on any budget at any size. If you don't know your personal style then use this guide to help you.  

 First, the most important thing you must know is your body type. Which each week we will get in-depth with how to figure out your body type and how to style it to elevate your look.  

Today we want to look at the  different body shapes to help you figure out the elements that make you special! Here are the 10 different body shapes and a little advice to help accentuate your best features and elevate your personal style during quarantine.


1.Apple/Round Shape

This shape includes a larger bust, narrow hips, and a fuller midsection.

Use flared and intricate tops to accentuate your bust, neckline and shoulders!


2.Athletic Shape

This shape includes a more muscular build, similar to the Rectangle shape.

Use halter, racerback and strapless tops to accentuate your shape!


3.Diamond Shape

This shape includes a narrow bust, a fuller waistline, larger hips, thicker thighs, and thinner arms. Use off-the-shoulder or boat neck tops; A-lines; flared dresses; and belts to help accentuate your upper torso!


4.Hourglass Shape

This shape includes proportionate hips and bust with a tapered

waistline. Use form fitting and tailored styles to accentuate!


5.Bottom Hourglass Shape

This shape includes a slightly larger bottom with that tapered waist

Use form fitting and knit styles!


6.Top Hourglass Shape

This shape includes a slightly larger bust with that tapered waist.

Use flared pants; full and A-line skirts; and tailored jackets to accentuate!


7.Rectangle/Straight/Banana Shape

This shape includes equality for the whole body. Waist, bust and hips

are pretty much the same dimensions. Use off-the-shoulder tops; tube dresses and belts to accentuate your top half and accentuate your waist!



This shape includes a tapered waist, and your hips are larger than your bust. Your thighs and arms have a little thickness to them as well. Use baby doll cuts or an empire silhouette. Garments that will taper underneath your bust to elongate your torso!



This shape includes slightly larger hips with a narrower bust and shoulder line. Use anything to show off that waistline! Use darker shades on the bottom with bright colors or prints for the top!


10.Inverted Triangle

This shape includes a slightly larger bust and shoulder line than the hips. Use waist tapering shirts, open necklines and show off those legs!


Each week starting today we will help you get in-depth on your body type to show you how to build your personal style and elevate your wardrobe. It's level up time ladies, we deserve to have the best and be the best versions of ourselves. The life you want is possible on your level up journey. So grab a glass of tea, or wine or water, a notebook and a pen so you can jot down what you think your body type is. This is your first step. Next week we will start with a breakdown of what body type look best in what type of clothing, best seasons, and a visual look book of outfits to create the perfect closet base. See you next week


Stay Beautiful Ladies


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