The Importance Of Protecting Your Feminine Mystery

The Importance Of Protecting Your Feminine Mystery 

By Antoinette Copland                                                                                                                         

Mystery is an important thing ladies, it is anything that is or should be kept  a secret or remains unexplained or unknown. Any person that presents features or qualities that are obscure  will arouse curiosity or speculation. Ladies, we know that men are natural hunters and seekers, why take that away from them? Let’s not deprive them of that feeling that comes when you work hard for something, and you get it!
Here are a few things to help you hold on to that mystery while staying true to yourself! 

Change Your Availability

If you are constantly available for everyone else, where is the time for you? Take that time to reconnect with yourself. Read, treat yourself to a spa day, catch up on some housework. Get busy doing the things you love and the things you are passionate about.Anything that realigns you with what is important, you! 

Do People Know More About You Than You Know About Them?

‘Listen Linda, listen!” Take the time to listen to others. We all have tons of things swirling in our heads that we want to discuss, but give someone else a chance to share their feelings. When they speak, actually listen. Listening to someone speak just so you can respond with a rebuttal or your opinion. When you are dating or with other people listen carefully to what they say. Ask the questions that you want to know this, will help you read the room and the person.

‘X’ Out The Repetition 

Be more unscripted. Don’t stick to the same mundane routine. I get that it might be comfortable and familiar, but why not open yourself to something new. Break the cycle, you never know until you try it!

 Why Cause A Scene?

Making a scene and being the loudest creates a larger problem than what made you upset in the first place! Plus, no one should be able to control your emotions or take you out of character. Use these steps:  remain claim, decide if now is the appropriate time to address the issue, don’t raise your voice and stand up for yourself. You are in control of your emotion!

It’s A Private Matter

Ladies don’t involve everyone in your business. There are so many tools now to let everyone into your personal space. Don’t! This will help you eliminate those unnecessary opinions and to avoid getting caught up in drama. Don’t give everyone access to your private life that includes family and friends. Try to have one person you can talk to who will keep you accountable.


Keep The Peace!

Last but certainly not least! Find peace with yourself. Learn about yourself, love yourself the way you love others. The peace that you will find with you, will bring you security, confidence and decisiveness about what you really want. 

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