BeauTea Tips

Welcome Ladies  to the best Beauty tips your mother never taught you.

Stay Beautiful Ladies

BeauTEA TIP No. 1

Moist baby wipes remove most makeup off your clothing.

If you're like me, it's hair, makeup and then the clothing but even a pro like me slips up with my foundation and lipstick but as time has gone on I've found that baby wipes and x-large hair bonnet are your sword and shield against makeup clothing disasters. Before you put on your favorite black dress, place the bonnet over your face and carefully put on your clothing and if you happen to brush your outfit with your lipstick head to the bath room pull out your baby wipes wipe it off and use the bath room hand dryer to dry completely. This works on most fabrics but beware heat shrinks certain fabrics and destroys other fabrics so be careful not to trash your look.

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