Member-Only Wholesale

Are you the hottest premium clothing boutique in Chicago? Then you need to be selling the Anelehs Atelier brand. To begin wholesaling the Anelehs Atelier premium brand Please read and follow the steps.

Step1: Please create an account.

Step2: Please must submit a copy of your Business license to for review.

Step3: Get approved

step4: Login 

Anelehs Atelier offers a customizable pack to eliminate excessive unwanted inventory. Instead of having to buy a pre-pack of sizes 2S, 2M, 2L  Boutique owners can now customize the sizing to fit their unique needs. Sizes range from S, M, L to 1x, 2x and 3x. Enjoy endless combinations of sizing, lower minimum orders and of course being the Anelehs Brand we offer the highest level of quality and style. Approval can take up to 3 business days after business license is submitted.